Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rain, Rain, go away!

So if anyone out there caught the Bachelor last night, you would have seen Molly Malaney and Seattle's own Jason Mesnik tie the knot down in Cali. First off, I would like to say how much I adored her dress and how her bouquet complimented it PERFECTLY! I thought it was a beautiful wedding and a gorgeous venue, but I felt so bad for the wedding planner and event designer having to make that event unfold out in the rain and wind! Setting all of that up in the middle of all that rain must have been challenging! Molly had an awesome attitude about it though--didn't you think?

Here in Seattle with the unpredictable weather, I have been in that situation more than once. I leave it up to the bride and groom to make the call whether to have the wedding inside or outside. 'Your Day, Your Way' is a motto we LIVE by around here! I am always up for a challenge, and I know how much it means to some clients to have their outdoor ceremony...but I have seen go both ways. Sometimes they get lucky and they have a beautiful sunny ceremony but I have also seen the skies open up right in the middle of the ceremony before also.

So for all of those brides out there who will be making that decision in the upcoming months--just think about Molly and Jason's wedding...how will would you react if it started down pouring in the middle of your vows? If you would laugh it off like she did--then go for it, but if you would end up balling and worried about your make up running down your face--probably best to stay safe and move it inside!

Here's to wishing Seattle a long, mild and sunny 2010 wedding season!