Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Honeymoons by Lindeman Weddings & Events

Lindeman Weddings and Association of Bridal Consultants are proud to be partnering with Sandals All Inclusive Vacations.

Let us plan your dream Honeymoon!

Antigua, Jamaica, Bahamas…Bring on the Sunshine and Fruity Cocktails!

All Inclusive Honeymoons are the absolute way to go! I recommend this to every one of my clients.

So many people think that it is called your “wedding day,” when really they should call it your "wedding week!" From all of the relatives flying in to the rehearsal dinner, hair appointments and last minute adjustments…trust me, by the time you wake up the morning after your wedding, the last thing are going to want to do is make more decisions or follow more plans.

All Inclusive Vacations are great because as soon as you get off the plane you are greeted with a smile and escorted to straight your suite. "No Worries, Mon!"

The only thing you have to worry about is what you and your new hubby want to do with your days and nights. From Scuba Diving lessons to Couples Massage classes there are endless opportunities to have fun without all of the research or the worry of breaking the budget. The food is outrageous and the entertainment is endless. There is something new to do every single day…and night! If you are a newly wed, you get even more extras. You just have to make sure that you bring a copy of your wedding license!

When my husband and I went on an all inclusive vacation to Jamaica, we just couldn’t have been more impressed with the excellent service and hospitality. We didn’t want our vacation to end and we look forward to our next trip back to the Caribbean!

We experienced a couple of weddings while we were there too! Everyone was having so much fun!! One wedding was smaller and very intimate; another much larger and ready for the party. A ceremony set on the beach with the gentle breeze blowing her veil. A photographer's dream! Everyone was wearing flipflops and light linen clothing. They held the festive receptions in the garden under the stars. Every single one of my senses was captivated by these weddings. From the sheer beauty of the crystal cleer ocean to the smells of the salty breeze and authentic catering, these weddings were truly remarkable!

Please let us know if you would like more information on all inclusive vacations or if you would like to start planning your wedding in the Caribbean!

Have you been moved in with your fiance for a while? Bought a house? So you don't really need a new blender? Consider having your guests pay for your honeymoon with Sandal's Honeymoon Gift Registry!!