Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy Halloween Everyone!

So holiday party season (& decorating) is upon us...starting with Halloween parties this weekend!

I thought I would kick off the season with a couple fun (and fast) ideas for how to make your pumpkin extra special this year...

1. You will need a pumpkin & lace fabric. I think this works best with a lace stocking/sock/nylon. To feed my obsession with white pumpkins this year I have a photo of a white pumpkin with black lace (in true Lindeman Events style.) If you have time you can carve out the pumpkin like normal and put a candle in it at night for the trick-or-treaters. The lace will give the design a spider web look. OR if you are busy and just want something quick to whip up, these pumpkins only take a few minutes to put together then you can put them up on the mantle just in time for your Halloween party!

2. You will need a pumpkin and some niffty carving tools you can pick up at a hardware store/craft store. This pumpkin will require some patience and is brought to you by none other than Ms. Martha. I will be testing my patience tonight when I try to recreate this at a pumpkin carving & pie baking get-together I am headed to this evening! I will be sure to post a photo tomorrow of how mine turned out. Wish me luck...but I think it will be worth the effort!

3. "Pupkin" -- I would hate to leave our company mascot out...Mr. Stanford is going to attempt a self portrait tonight as well... :)

Here's wishing everyone a HAPPY (& safe) HALLOWEEN!