Tuesday, August 19, 2008

European Chocolate Shop

During this busy season I have come across this wonderful chocolate shop in Kirkland. It is called Sweet Caroline's owned and operated my Ms. Caroline herself! I ordered chocolate seashells for a beach wedding as wedding favors for a bride. While I was there I peered over the counter to a tray of fresh out-of-the oven filled with chocolate chip cookies. They looked delightful, so I just had to try one. She gave me two just because she was being nice. I said, " I will just give the other one to my husband when I get home."

Needless to say I had eaten both of them by the time I got home. They were the best chocolate chip cookies ever! I highly recommend Sweet Caroline's Chocolate Bar for all of your wedding favors and treats. She can put together a chocolate bar for your wedding reception also! She has every kind of chocolate you can think of and the price is right as well!

Sweet Caroline's Chocolate Bar
10015 NE 137th St.
Kirkland, Wa 98034