Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Seattle Wedding Show

Seattle Wedding Show
JANUARY 3 & 4, 2009
Seattle Convention and Trade Center

Lindeman Weddings
Wedding Planning and Event Design

Come see Kristi and I at the Seattle Wedding Show this year. We are located in a corner booth in the second row - Booth #1128!

For our clients - we would love to see you and for any newly engaged brides - we would love to answer any questions you have about hiring a wedding planner for your special day!

Why hire a wedding planner?
Planning a wedding can be so overwhelming. There are so many little details that need to come together for your big day and you should be enjoying yourself the day of the wedding not worrying about what needs to happen next. Your mother shouldn't have that job either! We can help you stick to your budget, save you money and probably your sanity! We will find new and creative ways to express you and your fiance's personalities through your wedding, creating a more meaningful and memorable experience for everyone in attendance.

We truly love what we do and are experts in our field. Let us help you out...or just sit down with us over a cup of coffee for a complimentary consultation and tell us about your ideas and dreams for your wedding day.

When do I hire a wedding planner?
Sometimes brides and grooms want help from the beginning of the planning process, starting with choosing a venue. As soon as a couple comes to us and needs to look for that perfect place to get married, we get started -- trying to figure out your style and what is important to you both. From there, we pile into a limo and start venue searching...on us! We will take a day, maybe two driving from venue to venue in a limousine making the search much more enjoyable for everyone...and we never have to worry about parking!

Other brides find a venue and most of their vendors then are not sure what to do next. This is when the planning process can stop being fun and become frustrating! We can step in half way through and help pull everything together and finding those last few vendors you needed...taking a world of stress off your shoulders so you can get back to enjoying your engagement.

Maybe you had a blast planning your wedding but just need someone there that can step in 1-2 months before the wedding to wrap up details and coordinate the wedding.

What is Event Design?
We can take a space and transform it to whatever your heart desires! From a chic ballroom filled with Chiavari chairs, cymbidium orchid centerpieces, a seven layer wedding cake and a decadent wine list to an intimate soriee on the beach filled with paper lanterns, flip flops as favors for guests, cocktails with paper umbrellas and a steele drum band. We can coordinate rentals, come up with new and innovative ideas on how to weave your desired theme through the invitations, the decor, the entertaintment, the flavor and the flowers!

No matter where you are in the planning journey we would be happy to sit down and talk with you about your wedding. We look forward to seeing you at the wedding show! Remember to wear comfortable shoes!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sheneil and Cory

Thinking of Sheneil and Cory brings a wide smile to my face. Although I met more with Sheneil and Emilee (her wonderful maid of honor) than Cory I got to know them and get along with them, building a friendship along the way. I liked Sheneil from the moment she interviewed me and it was fun getting to know her over the 9 months of planning. By the time it was their wedding day, when it came time for my client [turned friend] to walk down the aisle, I had a hard time keeping it together as I sent her on her way. I had to quickly wipe the tears of joy off my face and pull it together to get back to work coordinating the wedding. That is one of the best parts of my job. Sending a girl you have come to know down the aisle to her new hubby!

It was a special day and it ended with a big party under the stars! The reception was beautiful. Sheneil, Emilee and I sat down and put our heads together to design her ceremony and reception. She had a pretty good idea of what she wanted and trusted me to do the rest and make it happen. The colors were classic black and white but she wanted to spice up the party by adding magenta. There was a lot of color at this reception, from the pink chair ties to the pink up lighting to the pink champagne, it was truly "Pretty in Pink."

Congrats again you guys!!

This magical night was photographed by the very talented Kelly Chandler. Please take a look...

Photography by Kelly Chandler

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Diana and Jesse

Diana and Jesse are full of laughter where ever they go. They are so down to earth and were such a pleasure to work with. The vision for their special day was that they wanted a traditional church wedding coupled with a dazzling, action packed reception at Echo Falls Country club that encompassed all of their religious and cultural traditions. Their ceremony had a very serious and heart felt tone but by the time they got to their reception, it was a full on party/comedy fest. I don't every think I have seen so much laughter at a wedding reception.

Choosing green, brown and white as their wedding colors, their wedding was filled with white calalilies and green cymbidium orchids. The bridesmaids wore beautiful brown dresses holding bouquets of white calalilies while the bride wore white of course holding a bouquet of white calalilies, white roses, freesia and green orchids. Their reception was a mix of tall and low profile centerpieces giving the room some character. From the simple candle ball set in sand centerpieces to the tall martinis overflowing with long steam calalilies, it was elegant and very chic. The food was delicious and Alex Studio did a great job photographing this elegant wedding. Thank you to Jesse and Diana for choosing me help create this unforgettable night! You guys are awesome!!

Photgraphy by Alex Studio

Monday, November 17, 2008

Sara Anne and Brendan

Sara Ann and Brendan were the most delightful couple to work with! They are so adventurous in life and they really wanted to bring that aspect to their wedding. They are doctor and school teacher by vocation, but in their spare time they are world travelers, mountain climbers, wine connoisseurs and you can tell they just love to have a good time...although Sara Anne has a tendency to be slightly accident prone. Good thing she is a doctor!

They had many visions for their wedding that were out of the ordinary, but mainly they just wanted good food, good wine and good people around them all having a FUN time. Having a "Green" wedding was also important to them so notice the bamboo place settings in the photo below. Their wedding included a beach, bouquets of wildflowers, "Sand in my Pants" signature cocktails, 11 different wines on the wine list, a scaled down version of Mount Rainer made out of cupcakes, flip flops, custom printed frisbees as favors for all of their guests, a 12 piece band and a choreographed Tango for their first dance. It was sure a night to remember!

This unique wedding was photographed by the wonderful Kate McElwee! She really captured the spirit of this beautiful day! Take a look at a few pics...

Photography by Kate McElwee

Friday, November 14, 2008

Yellow Weddings

A cheerful trend of 2008 and an even hotter wedding trend for 2009. The Yellow Wedding. Yellow is such a happy color for a wedding day and there is so much you can do with it. From lemon centerpieces to custard desserts there are so many beautiful ways to incorporate this color as your main color or as an accent. Yellow is often a wonderful accent to red and orange palate in the summer, green in the spring, brown in the fall and grey in the winter.

You can have an outdoor wedding filled with daisies, yellow checkered linens and lemonade or an upscale hotel wedding filled with breathtaking yellow cymbidium orchids, lemondrops for the ladies and margaritas for the men.

Yellow will bring smiles to a sunny day and sunshine to your rainy day.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Thanksgiving & Wine Pairings

I thought I would step away from wedding tips today and switch gears to tips when throwing your own holiday dinner party. Especially to all of you newly weds hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, here are some awesome planning tips and wine pairings:

Too Many People, Not Enough Place Settings?
Instead of rushing out to purchase more of that china and glassware you just received as wedding presents, add even more fall colors to the table by renting fun Thanksgiving china instead! From 50 cents to a dollar per plate, glassware or chargers you will save yourself money while adding festive fall flare to your dinner table. You can rent the china in the picture below from Totally Tabletops. Check them out at Or check out any other rental company in town, like AA Party Rentals.

Decorate the Table
Everyone enjoys looking at a beautiful table and it is always fun to decorate! There are many ways to decorate without breaking the budget also... While you are at the rental company picking out your festive place settings, add a couple of festive linens, sheer table cloths or elegant table runners. Renting these will be far less cheaper than purchasing. For a cheaper version to some elaborate flower centerpiece, go purchase a bag of frozen cranberries put them in small vases (that you can also rent at most rental companies) and grab a couple of dozen roses at Costco for only $15.99. Inexpensive and festive all at the same time!

Thanksgiving Wines
Learning about wines is a hobby of mine. I taste multiple wines during wine tastings every week expanding my palate as well as learn lots about food and wine pairings!

Mouthwatering turkey, butternut squash and mashed potatoes deserve some thought when deciding what type of wine to purchase for your Thanksgiving dinner. Pinot Noir is generally the go to red wine to pair with Thanksgiving dinner. While you can spend a lot of money on a Pinot, for a less expensive option, I would recommend Montoya. A $16 Pinot from Oregon that is incredible for the price point.

The White wine I would pair with dinner would have to be Pure Platinum by Kestrel. This is actually a Viognier/Gewurztraminer blend. Although you might think, too sweet..think again. This wine is incredibly rich with citrus fruit and orange blossoms that will pair perfectly with your Thanksgiving Dinner! This wine should only set you back $13 per bottle.

Both of these wines can be found, purchased and special ordered by the half case or case at Village Wines in Woodinville. This is a darling little wine shop nestled in the heart of Woodinville wine country. They offer discounts if you order by the case, so if you are hosting an extra large Thanksgiving dinner this year, I would highly recommend you give them a call, stop by or log onto their website You can purchase these online at their online store also.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Voter Registrations

There is a concern with some of my brides with regards to changing their name and the election approaching. In the state of Washington you have a 30 day deadline (before the election date) by mail to change your name/address on your voter registration. Your name must match your drivers license/drivers license number. If you happen to miss that 30 day deadline you can go in person to your county elections department 15 days before the election.

For more information please visit:

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

European Chocolate Shop

During this busy season I have come across this wonderful chocolate shop in Kirkland. It is called Sweet Caroline's owned and operated my Ms. Caroline herself! I ordered chocolate seashells for a beach wedding as wedding favors for a bride. While I was there I peered over the counter to a tray of fresh out-of-the oven filled with chocolate chip cookies. They looked delightful, so I just had to try one. She gave me two just because she was being nice. I said, " I will just give the other one to my husband when I get home."

Needless to say I had eaten both of them by the time I got home. They were the best chocolate chip cookies ever! I highly recommend Sweet Caroline's Chocolate Bar for all of your wedding favors and treats. She can put together a chocolate bar for your wedding reception also! She has every kind of chocolate you can think of and the price is right as well!

Sweet Caroline's Chocolate Bar
10015 NE 137th St.
Kirkland, Wa 98034

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Walking Down the Aisle with the Greatest of Ease

Alright ladies, here it is, plain and simple...Your Guide to walking down the aisle with ease.

No matter what the ceremony or culture, there is always an element of production involved with a wedding ceremony. Here are a few tips to think about before you walk down the aisle.
  • Right before you walk down the aisle take 3 big deep breaths to help sooth the overwhelming emotions you will be feeling and slow down your heart rate!
  • Wear a Matte lipstick and NOT lip gloss. You don't want your veil sticking to your lips.
  • Brides always get nervous and hold their bouquet too high. (Bridesmaids too!) Practice in a mirror at home to find your most flattering placement. Don't hide your beautiful waistline! The bouquet should be carried at hip height NOT at your waist. The exception to the rule would be a very small bouquet, which should be carried at your belly button.
  • SLOW DOWN as you walk down the aisle. Dad and Bride need to practice the pace ahead of time. During the rehearsal, practice walking down the aisle a couple of times. You don' t have to pause between steps like in the movies, just a slow stride will do.
  • Remind your dad or whom ever is walking you down the aisle to be aware of the train if your dress has one. You don't want him tripping over your dress trying to get to his seat!
  • As soon as you arrive at the altar or chuppah, hand over your bouquet to the Maid of Honor. If she is on train duty, make sure she hands over the bouquets to the next in line for safe keeping.
  • If you think you might cry or well up with tears as you walk down the aisle it would be a good idea to give your maid of honor a tissue for you to have once you have reached the altar.
  • Don't hold your breath! Breathe, breathe, breathe as you walk down the aisle!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

For the Groom

The wedding isn't just about the bride anymore. More and more grooms are stepping up and having a say on what goes on during their special day. I think it is great that grooms are taking more interest and there are so many ways to bring in his personality to the day of the wedding.

Here are 5 ways to bring out the groom's personality the day of the wedding:

What to wear? After the bride and the groom decide on a style that coincides with the wedding and reception, have the groom dress himself. If the groom isn't very fashion forward, send him to IMPECCABLE. Impeccable is a company specializing in image consulting and personal shopping for the groom. He will be in good hands there!
Visit for more information.

Grooms Cake. This allows the groom to express his taste without the white whipped butter cream frosting! The grooms cake is generally smaller and made up of fruitcake or chocolate. These cakes can bear the logos of sports team or reflect their pet, car or hobby. The cakes can be placed side by side or on opposite ends of the room.

Signature Drink. So many weddings now have a signature cocktail to reflect the color or theme of the wedding. Why not have 2 signature drinks -- One the ladies can sip on that reflects the bride's taste and one that the men can enjoy that the groom picks out.

Honeymoon. Maybe the groom doesn't want anything to do with planning the wedding. Have him plan the honeymoon. Either you both decide on a destination and he plans the details or there was this bride and groom that decided he would plan the whole honeymoon and not tell his bride where they were going until they were checking in to get their boarding pass. (Of course he told her the climate and what to pack for.) She was so excited when she found out she was going to Jamaica!

Getaway Car. This is for the man who wants to make a statement driving his bride away from the reception. This is such a fun new trend. There are exotic car rentals that rent out cars like Corvettes to Maseratis or even Smart Cars for the "green" groom. Please visit for more information.

Groom's Day of Emergency Kit:
  • Breath Mints

  • Cologne

  • Comb

  • Hair Gel

  • Handkerchief

  • Lip Balm

  • Tums

  • Razor and Shaving Cream

  • Toothbrush and Toothpaste

  • Extra pair of black sox (of what ever the groom is wearing that day and make sure they are not too short!!)

  • Extra pair of black shoelaces

Things to Remember:

If you are a man that perspires a lot and/or you are getting married outside on a sunny day, it would be wise to bring an extra dress shirt to change into for the reception.

If you are buying your shoes, make sure to break them in. Wear them to your dance lessons or around the house...but do not wear them outside! Make sure your shoes are in pristine condition the day of the wedding!

Make sure you try on the tux or suit close to the wedding so that if there are any alterations that need to be made it can be done. Also if you are renting a tux, make sure to check and see if you have everything. The cuff links, sox, kerchief, shoes that are both the right size, etc.

Remember this is your wedding day, so please limit the alcohol intake before the ceremony. Make sure the groomsman are aware of how special this day means to you also!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Bachelorette Party Ideas

We have all heard of the wild nights in Vegas or the embarrassing strip club stories. While those are parties are fun, I thought I would share a few ideas of some bachelorette parties that will fit a variety of different brides:

"Playing Through!"
Get out your plaid short shorts and knee high argyle socks, "We are going golfing!" Well, sort of...Get all dressed up and pick 3-5 holes (bars) to attend that evening. Walk from bar to bar, rent a limo to drive you from hole to hole or make sure you have a designated driver! This is a great idea that can be done anywhere on any budget! This is a fun themed bachelorette party that will be sure to attract attention and create memories that will never be forgotten!

Slumber Party
This is a great idea for a bachelorette party on a budget. Choose someone's house or cabin and host a slumber party like the good old days. Tease the pizza delivery man and break out the DVD's (Sex and the City is always a good option) and pink frozen drinks. This is a good time to bond up and relax with one another before the big day!

Beach House & Wine Tasting
You can rent a house on the beach on the Oregon coast that is actually affordable if you have a group of people. Road trip to Oregon for the weekend! Rent a limo for the day to take you all wine tasting for the day. Oregon has plenty of wineries and fabulous Pinot Noirs!! BBQ for dinner and play poker into the evening! Wake up to mimosas and brunch overlooking the ocean with your best friends!

Spa Weekend
For the bride that doesn't care much for the party, getaway to a spa for the weekend! Relax, Rejuvenate and Unwind with your girlfriends! There are plenty of great spas in Seattle or plan a weekend spa getaway to Victoria, Canada or Laguna Beach, California.

3 Day Cruise
Off Season is the best time to plan for a 3 day Mexican or Californian cruise. The prices are not as bad as you would think! This is a great idea for any number of bridal parties...because on a cruise there are so many things you can do!

For a bridal party that is ready for an adventure! You can rent a houseboat in Washington or travel down to the Trinity Lakes in California. This will truly be a remarkable experience!! You can fish, hike, rent jet skis, sun bath on the deck with a what you please and go where you want...Ahoy Captain!

Lindeman Wedding's Pick for Best Bachelorette Party Favor:
SOFIA mini cans of champagne. They are sure to be a bridal party pleaser!

Whatever party you choose to do for your friends, have fun, laugh often and be safe!! If there is going to be alcohol involved please make sure that you plan for appropriate transportation back home or to your hotel!

If you have any unique bachelorette party ideas you would like to share or have any questions about any of the above parties email them to

Planning the Party

For all of the MAIDS OF HONOR out there....if the planning is getting to be too much or you are running out of time, we offer Bachelorette Party Planning Packages ranging from $100.00-$500.00. Let us plan the party for you!! These packages range from pre-planning consultations to full service party planning to any destination!

Please contact Lindeman Weddings for more details! We will make sure you get the best deals on flights, hotels and transportation. Upon booking with us, your entire party will receive complimentary gift bags that will be sure to delight!

This will save you time and money!! Let Lindeman Weddings & Events plan your Special Weekend Getaway or Seattle Bachelorette Bash!

Monday, June 2, 2008

A Few Wedding Reminders!

As wedding season is upon us, I thought that I would share a few things to remember for the month leading up to your wedding through to your wedding day. Being as prepared as you can for the day of your wedding will ensure a smoother wedding celebration!!

  • Break in your SHOES!! And just in case that doesn't work for the day of your wedding, make sure to place a more comfortable pair of shoes under the chair at your reception that you can change into if needed.

  • Remember to BOOK your MANICURE AND PEDICURE for the day before the wedding about a month out. Nail Salons and Spas are very busy on Fridays and you don't want to wait until the last minute to book!

  • Review and Confirm HONEYMOON travel reservations! Also remember to make reservations for any special restaurants, outings, spa appointments or sporting events you would like to take part in on your honeymoon.

  • WAIT to change your name...until after you return from your honeymoon! The name on your airline ticket has to match the name on your passport and driver's license. The last thing you are going to want to do is be held up at the airport before your honeymoon!

  • Make sure to stock up on all PRECRIPTIONS for your honeymoon! ie: Birth Control, Disposable Contact Lenses, Allergy Meds, etc.

  • About a month or two before your wedding, visit your DOCTOR to ensure that your "cycle" will not interfere with your wedding or honeymoon!! I have already seen a catastrophy at a wedding this year!! Also, make sure you are prepared for ANY surprises on your wedding day!!

  • Keep checking your REGISTRIES up until a few days before the wedding to ensure that there are gifts still available at all price points.

  • Confirm and Reconfirm your WEDDING NIGHT HOTEL reservation!!!

  • Make Arrangements for your PET while you are out of town, have NEWSPAPERS and MAIL stopped and remember to arrange transportation to and from the airport if you are flying out of town for your honeymoon.

  • About one month out, obtain your MARRIAGE LICENSE and make sure it will still be valid through your wedding day. The link below will lead you to all of the offices in the greater Seattle area where you can obtain your marriage license:

  • Start writing your THANK YOU notes as the gifts start to come in. It will make for one less thing you have to do when you get back from your honeymoon.

  • Remember to THANK your parents and bridal party after the wedding. Send them flowers or a handwritten card.

  • After the wedding, if there is a bad stain on your WEDDING DRESS, don't wait to take it to the cleaners. Otherwise hang it up and take it to the cleaners one you return.

I work with an Officiant that insists to the bride and groom that they should go out on a DATE during the week before their wedding. May it be over a cup of coffee or dinner and movie, get away from the family and friends and PAUSE for a moment TOGETHER! Enjoy each other's company and excite about the next few days to come!

The month leading up to your wedding is such a wonderful time. It is filled with pure excitment and lots of celebration! Take time to pause and enjoy this time with your friends, family and especially your fiance!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Honeymoons by Lindeman Weddings & Events

Lindeman Weddings and Association of Bridal Consultants are proud to be partnering with Sandals All Inclusive Vacations.

Let us plan your dream Honeymoon!

Antigua, Jamaica, Bahamas…Bring on the Sunshine and Fruity Cocktails!

All Inclusive Honeymoons are the absolute way to go! I recommend this to every one of my clients.

So many people think that it is called your “wedding day,” when really they should call it your "wedding week!" From all of the relatives flying in to the rehearsal dinner, hair appointments and last minute adjustments…trust me, by the time you wake up the morning after your wedding, the last thing are going to want to do is make more decisions or follow more plans.

All Inclusive Vacations are great because as soon as you get off the plane you are greeted with a smile and escorted to straight your suite. "No Worries, Mon!"

The only thing you have to worry about is what you and your new hubby want to do with your days and nights. From Scuba Diving lessons to Couples Massage classes there are endless opportunities to have fun without all of the research or the worry of breaking the budget. The food is outrageous and the entertainment is endless. There is something new to do every single day…and night! If you are a newly wed, you get even more extras. You just have to make sure that you bring a copy of your wedding license!

When my husband and I went on an all inclusive vacation to Jamaica, we just couldn’t have been more impressed with the excellent service and hospitality. We didn’t want our vacation to end and we look forward to our next trip back to the Caribbean!

We experienced a couple of weddings while we were there too! Everyone was having so much fun!! One wedding was smaller and very intimate; another much larger and ready for the party. A ceremony set on the beach with the gentle breeze blowing her veil. A photographer's dream! Everyone was wearing flipflops and light linen clothing. They held the festive receptions in the garden under the stars. Every single one of my senses was captivated by these weddings. From the sheer beauty of the crystal cleer ocean to the smells of the salty breeze and authentic catering, these weddings were truly remarkable!

Please let us know if you would like more information on all inclusive vacations or if you would like to start planning your wedding in the Caribbean!

Have you been moved in with your fiance for a while? Bought a house? So you don't really need a new blender? Consider having your guests pay for your honeymoon with Sandal's Honeymoon Gift Registry!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Parisian Soiree

***This table was Designed by Lindeman Weddings and Events, photographed by Junebug Weddings and was featured by Northwest Meetings and Events Magazine online.***

An elegant trend for 2008…

Here are a few ideas for a Parisian Wedding

- Black and White Décor (mix it up with stripes and polka dots)
- Croquembouche (Cake made out of Cream Puffs. You can find them for a dollar or two per cream puff making this cheaper than a wedding cake as well as more creative.)
- A wedding dress from La Belle Reve (bridal boutique in Bellevue specializing in European
- Customized Wine Labels for the bottle of wine you give to your guests as a favor
- Find adorable and inexpensive bridesmaid’s dresses as White House Black Market (wait for the sales!!!)
- Eiffel Tower Ice Sculpture
- Don’t forget your ‘Merci’ notes!

A French Tradition: Cortège

This is a tradition you might want to incorporate into your ceremony if you have a lot of younger children in your extended family that would like to be in your wedding.

Usually 2-8 children are involved in the ceremony.

This is the group of people that walk down the aisle during the ceremony procession:

The Bridal Couple

…Usually 2 little girls and 1 little boy walk down the aisle acting as the ring bearers. The Father and Bride follow.
Then 2-4 more children walk down the aisle after the bride to assist with the dress, veil, etc.

All of the children exit first in the recession, sprinkling rose petals for the bride and groom to walk over.

Cortège: a group of people who follow and attend to some important person.