Monday, November 17, 2008

Sara Anne and Brendan

Sara Ann and Brendan were the most delightful couple to work with! They are so adventurous in life and they really wanted to bring that aspect to their wedding. They are doctor and school teacher by vocation, but in their spare time they are world travelers, mountain climbers, wine connoisseurs and you can tell they just love to have a good time...although Sara Anne has a tendency to be slightly accident prone. Good thing she is a doctor!

They had many visions for their wedding that were out of the ordinary, but mainly they just wanted good food, good wine and good people around them all having a FUN time. Having a "Green" wedding was also important to them so notice the bamboo place settings in the photo below. Their wedding included a beach, bouquets of wildflowers, "Sand in my Pants" signature cocktails, 11 different wines on the wine list, a scaled down version of Mount Rainer made out of cupcakes, flip flops, custom printed frisbees as favors for all of their guests, a 12 piece band and a choreographed Tango for their first dance. It was sure a night to remember!

This unique wedding was photographed by the wonderful Kate McElwee! She really captured the spirit of this beautiful day! Take a look at a few pics...

Photography by Kate McElwee

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  1. I love the cupcake mountain! That is so creative! The way the light hits the photo of their champagne with the lavendar in the background really tells a beautiful story about the mood of their day.


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