Sunday, September 6, 2009

Something Bold, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Ice Blue

A Fabulous Winter Wedding Trend...

I love Ice Blue as a base for a winter wedding color palette--and what is an ice blue wedding without a little bit of vintage bling! Implementing family heirlooms has taken the Seattle wedding world by storm. Brides are using their grandmothers broach to doll up their bouquet is doubles as your something old and something borrowed too!

It doesn't have to be a piece of jewelry...I think a cute idea would be to dig through your grandmother's closet until you find a suit jacket with a couple adorable buttons. Take those to your florist and have them attach those buttons to your bouquet wrap.

Here is some inspiration for you winter wedding folks out there...

Some of you are probably looking at these photos and are thinking -- how cute are those shoes?--But once you look them up you will find that they retail at Norstrom for around $400. For those brides that can't afford the $400 shoes or the $2,000 diamond cuff--no worries--I have already done the research for you!

Take a look at these awesome finds...

The shoes on the left are the shoes that retail at Nordsrom for around $400. The shoes on the right can be found for around $60. The brand is called RSVP and they can be found online at

As for the $2,000 bracelet (pictured left)--I found the stunning cuff bracelet (pictured right) at for less than $50--What a seal!

I love finding less expensive alternatives for my clients that can't afford to splurge...hope this gets you motivated to look for your own great finds!

Happy Planning,
~ Erin Lindeman

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