Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Welcome...to Lindeman Weddings & Events

Hi all, I know it has been a couple of months now in the new office--but moving into a new space and having to remodel it from top to bottom was quite the chore in the middle of wedding season. I don't have any professional photos of it yet--because I still have some work yet to do. Below is a teaser photo of the new office to hold you over until then! I will have new photos up once the office is "officially" finished and the season starts slowing down a bit...

I am SO excited that it is becoming the place for brides to come hang out and get inspired for their wedding day. We have linen samples, magazines galore and we will soon have our inspiration photo books done by color that you can pull off the shelf and dive into! We have a mock up table that we can create for those, "I can't quite visualize it" brides as well.

I love sitting down with my clients and using all of our collective ideas to create a unique wedding day. Inspiration can start with just one photo and after we all have our ideas and opinions bouncing off each other--I promise you will walk away feeling excited about your wedding day!

I want wedding planning to be fun--not stressful! This is a place that we can meet vendors and talk about the nitty gritty details over a warm cup of coffee or sometimes a glass of wine is an order...

Here is our meeting area...black and ivory of course...people and brides that know me will understand...it is an obsession... :-)

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