Friday, April 17, 2009

Meet Stanford...

I was working away one day and had a bunch of wedding magazines open on the floor of my office. To my surprise, I looked down and saw my little pug Stanford laying over them as if he were looking through the magazines for inspiration. My camera was in reaching distance to I just had to snap a few shots. I thought I would post a little bio for him too...

Name: Stanford Blatch Lindeman
Type of Dog: 24 pounds of pure Pug
Favorite Time of Day: meal time and nap time
Favorite Food: chicken, cottage cheese and green apples
Favorite Toy: teddy bear
Hobbies & Interests: sleeping, watching tv [especially the discovery channel or Beverly Hills Chiwawa], going to the dog park, eating [anything], chasing ducks along the Kirkland waterfront, attacking the vacuum cleaner, snoring, reading through magazines--helping mom pick out the latest wedding trends

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