Thursday, December 6, 2007


Welcome to Lindeman Weddings & Events!

Weddings are often uncharted territory for a person. People never seem know what to expect. The Bride is often worried about perfection and the event itself, while the Groom usually wants to stay out of it all! The Mother of the Bride is often a lot of help…or a lot of harm. What everyone needs to focus on is COMMUNICATION. Let each other know what roles you want to play. When there are high nerves, hurt feelings and a tight budget, often times there is so much stress that a wedding becomes a chore instead of a celebration to plan for!

Hiring a wedding consultant is so important for the success of any wedding! It brings in a third party that is often lamented on and called upon in times of stress and anxiety. We are there to help you through your wedding planning process. We know the places to go to and the vendors to use to ensure a stress-free day.

Weddings are NOT uncharted territory for us. We live for weddings and their success. We have experience, knowledge and understanding of what it takes to make a beautiful day happen for two people starting their lives together.

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